Saturday, September 19, 2009

Frustrated ram

This is my katahdin ram, who's been glued to the pasture fence next to the 12 new ewes for the last week. He's certain that they could use his attention, and for the ewes part, they're certain that they would like that attention. He'll have to wait another 2 months however -- having lambs in February would be pretty tough. Breeding these ewes in November will give me a birth time end-of-march to early April, which around here is usually rainy, but warmer and easier to care for the new lambs.

Sorry Ram. Soon.


sheila said...

Handsome dude. No wonder the ladies think he's sexy. To me they look tasty... yum lamb!

Anonymous said...

Do they try to subvert the enclosure at all, the way pigs do?

Bruce King said...

So far the sheep have been really easy on the fences. They'll go touch them, but it's not the irresitible force like a pig, or the leaning pressure of a cow