Friday, January 10, 2020

Winter is coming :)

I've gotten 6.75" of rain in the last 10 days; the amount of rain on this property is taking some getting used to.  The weatherman says that the next 5 days are going from our usual refrigerator-temperature 40 degrees to fairly cold in our region.  In fact, the forecasted cold temperatures a 10 year cold - you have to go back close to 10 years before you find another set of days. 

So cold weather is mostly about making sure that everyone has somewhere out of the wind and dry to sleep.   The pigs and cows will usually group up and sleep, but I provide fresh straw when it gets cold.
 after I put out the straw I'll go and check on the animals after dark - mostly to see that everyone has enough space and to see if there's an animal that's sleeping someplace I don't know about; if that happens I'll either provide them bedding there, or I'll move them to where I'd rather they sleep to save bedding and work for me. 

there are 7 pigs in this picture.  most are buried in the straw at center.  
Everyone is warm and happy tonight; all set for the coming cold. 


Angel said...

Looking forward to more posts

Inventive said...

I check in a few times a year, and always enjoy reading your updates.