Friday, April 20, 2018

first pigs on the new farm

New pigs for a new farm.   This location is central to several fields, so it'll be the pigs home base.  I'll run fencing from here to various areas that they'll graze on.  

The pen is pretty simple; hog panels connected with torsion screws that I made from pieces of high-tensile wire.  I re-use these panels for years, so having a simple solution for connecting them that doesnt damage the panel is good. 

This fence isn't particulary sturdy - the little pigs won't push on it much as long as everything they need is inside the pen.  Full feeders, automatic waterer, and plenty of buddies makes for content weaners.  

Later I'll run my electric fence inside this physical barrier to teach the pigs to avoid it, and then they'll be ready to start rotationally grazing.  

The weather is just starting to warm up, the grass is growing, but we haven't hit the spring growth spurt yet.  

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