Saturday, January 7, 2017

$220 million to make egg-free mayonnaise?

There's a segment of society that is so sure that traditional food sources are bad that they're willing to put up hundreds of millions of dollars.  In this case it's to make artificial chicken eggs, and mayonnaise.  

I'm all for innovation, and if the were able to make a product that was better for the world, sure, people are free to eat whatever they like.  

But according to bloomberg they seem to have been playing funny games by buying all of their own product off of store shelves.  To the point that they sold $472k in product, but apparently spent $510k buying it back in the same month.  

My opinion?  Looks like they found some gullible investors trying to do the right thing, and took them in and sheared them.  Shaved the wool right off.  And laughed all the way to the bank.  

My rooster was shocked!

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