Wednesday, October 12, 2016

big storm coming. No, 3 big storms coming

My favorite weather guy, Cliff Mass, has an entry on his blog about the big storms (there are 3 of them) that will hit my area in the next 5 days.

So the chore schedule for tomorrow changed a little.  Everything that isn't secured gets tied down, nailed, latched and weighted.  Animals get extra bedding, sows with piglets get moved to the most sheltered positions, and all of the equipment gets moved from flood-prone areas up to high ground.

It's pretty much the standard seasonal chore;  I hate feeling like my tail is on fire, so I'll do this sort of thing before the bad weather gets here.  I've already checked the standby generator, and most of the equipment is already put away, but I'll take an extra look around tommorow and make sure that I didn't miss anything.

And I might as well take the dumptruck over and get a couple of loads of gravel.  The driveway could use an extra layer for this year, and everything I can do to control mud is a good thing.


Bill Gauch said...

Fun stuff. I like seeing the weather in the PNW. It lets me know what's coming for us in New England 3-5 days later. Sounds like next week is going to suck.

Unknown said...

How did you guys fair the big storm?

Bruce King said...

It was pretty much a non-event here. We did lose 3 trees - two on the road to the farm, one that fell on the house, but the winds weren't what we had been warned about. My weather station said 25 sustained, gusts of 40, we were being warned of sustained 40 with gusts to 80 - if that had happened it would have been fairly eventful.

Honestly, I prefer it to be a little boring. :)