Monday, September 12, 2016

A tale of 2 farms

Over at Thoughtfulfoodfarm Jeff writes about his farming venture 5 years in.  It's an interesting read.

Meanwhile, Tim Young who can't figure out how to make a profit farming, is trying his best to make a profit by telling other people how to make a profit.  The blind leading the blind?  And there's some prepper stuff there too.   Oh, and he's podcasting again.  

Tim Young has tried every possible farming thing, and I don't think that he's ever made a profit on any of them, but this writing thing seems to be his latest scheme.   What's nice is that he can recycle all of the pictures from his failed farming ventures to show him happily homesteading or whatever. 

Tim writes from his house on 120 acres that he's been desperately (my opinion)  trying to sell for years; first listing it for sale for $1.5 million, then decreasing over time, and he's now offering it at the bargain price of $649,000.00  -- less than half his original asking price.    How low will he go?

listing as of 9-12-2016

Previous listing.  Price is dropping fast!
Of these two farms, I think I like Jeffs approach better.  

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Mountain Walker said...

....also, I was looking at Tim's "blog". There is no comment section~ only "posts" which read more like articles with information pulled from any/every website on the web on prepping; no new information. The "comment" button doesn't work. I'm not sure why this bugs me so much. So what he has switched from "homesteading" to prepping? So what??? But I just can't seem to let it go!
I'm going to go out and dig some potatoes. Maybe working in the garden (working up a sweat) will help me burn off some steam.....