Sunday, July 17, 2016

Lost or had a puppy stolen, and then got internet pitchforked!

So I posted the following on an internet site in the hope of getting some help with this:

I need the plate of this truck
I had a puppy in a stock trailer behind my truck, and either someone let it out or it got out itself. About an hour after I parked, at 13:47:41 the pup ran out from under my truck to the nearest person, and at 1:48:01 over to the feet of the guy who picked it up and put it into his truck.
When I came out and found the pup gone I checked with the auction office, had them do an announcement, called the police, called the human society, and finally remembered i had the dashcam footage, which explained what happened.
So I need the plate to help get my pup back. any help appreciated.
Sorry about being a dufus and posting long videos. i would cut it down to size if I could figure out how to do it.

Pretty straightforward, and the license plate of the truck of the person who took the pup is visible.  Posted that late last night, and woke up to the following:

[–]WorldTravelBucket 4 points  
It looks like the high yesterday in Toppenish, WA (where the video was taken - I found it by searching for this building) was 82 degrees. I'm not sure how hot it gets in the shade/sun, but that may be why the dog got out.
[–]coastdweller69 -2 points  
The puppy isn't livestock and doesn't belong in a stock trailer.
It is not ok to keep a puppy in the bottom floor of a double decker pig transporter in 80 degree plus heat for over an hour.
[–]GonemuddinLifted F250 6.7l diesel, ITrue X3 camera 5 points  
Wait, wait....wait.... let me get this straight. You put a puppy in a trailer on the back of your truck while driving.... then you left said puppy in the trailer in a parking lot... in the summer time... and are upset it ran away and was taken?
So first off I want to say (if I have all these facts right), you are a complete and total scumbag. Secondly I want to say that what you did is a crime in most states depending on if the trailer was enclosed or not.
[–]GonemuddinLifted F250 6.7l diesel, ITrue X3 camera -1 points  
Transporting animals in a stock trailer = legal
Leaving animals in the heat inside a locked trailer = illegal
[–]DammitDan 1 point  
It's still a locked stock trailer, and I fail to see why it matters whether the trailer is moving or not.
[–]GonemuddinLifted F250 6.7l diesel, ITrue X3 camera 1 point  
Because kiddo, I am going to give you a real quick run down on the difference between livestock and horses and a puppy. A Stock trailer is meant for livestock and horses. Even then, you don't leave the animal in the trailer for a long time in the summer sun. Unlike a dog, a horse has sweat glands which help it cool much much much easier than a dog. It also is much larger and can handle much more stress than a dog. Same goes to cattle (minus the sweat glands part).
The moving issue is because if the dog is small enough to slip out in a parking lot, that means it can walk out while you're driving.
You are an idiot and the kind of person that doesn't deserve to own an animal.
Edit: I am just going to assume you 1) dont own livestock or horses 2) dont have a stock trailer and/or 3) dont care about animal safety. So I am just ending the argument here, where I can't say anymore to your stupidity.
[–]DammitDan 2 points  
First off, the dog wasn't in the summer sun, because he was in the shade of the trailer.
Second, how hot is too hot for a dog? If you know so much about dogs, you should be able to give at least a ballpark answer to that.
[–]CaptainDiptoad -1 points  
100% would have taken the puppy aswell
[–]i_have_severe 5 points  
You left your dog in a stock trailer in the middle of some south/mid western state in the middle of summer for well over an hour? Yeah, I don't care about you or you getting your dog back. I hope you're blacklisted from all dog adoption places.
[–]DammitDan -1 points  
Better in the shade of the stock trailer than outside in direct sunlight.
[–]i_have_severe -1 points  
Better neither.
[–]DammitDan -1 points  
How hot do you think is too hot for a dog to be outside?
[–]i_have_severe -3 points  
How stupid do you have to be to not realize maybe it's not okay to bake a dog in a stock trailer or to have them in direct sunlight? It's not an either or. Go back to debating your dumbass friends.
[–]DammitDan 1 point  
How the fuck are they going to bake in a stock trailer? The trailer provides shade.
[–]coastdweller69 -1 points  
Your profession has nothing to do with it.
Answers by Dan? That was clear covering.
Was I siding? Absolutely and I would in person and it wouldn't be a good day for you at all.
I'd be in your face asking what the fuck is wrong with you and hoping you'd have excuses.
You shouldn't have animals as your hobby will get you in trouble.
[–]DammitDan 2 points  
How hot is too hot for a dog to be outside in shade?
[–]coastdweller69 2 points  
But you're not sorry for being a doofus PUPPY KILLING scumbag dipshit moron fuckhead dilhole micropenis asshole for leaving a puppy alone in a auction lot for that length of time though eh?
That puppy is alive and is better off not under your care.
This is a grade A fuck head.
It is not ok to keep a puppy in the bottom of a double decker pig hauler in 80 degree plus heat for over an hour and it magically break out of it's locked compartment and run away.
[–]coastdweller69 -1 points  
How do you know the PUPPY KILLING Scumbag Dipshit Moron Fuckhead Dilhole Micropenis Asshole did have water and food available?
See, speculation works both ways and is irrelevant.
Its a livestock trailer, not a puppy trailer and an hour in 80+ heat at the bottom of a livestock trailer is not where a puppy should be contained
[–]coastdweller69 -1 points  
Zero? You mean the OP being a 0.
So the OP posts video showing the puppy not being cared for. Claims ignorance (As you have) how the puppy got away from an enclosed vehicle in 82 degree heat and you're presuming innocence? wut?
You have no point other than to troll every comment with a positive view of an obvious scumbag which makes you connected to this PUPPY KILLING PRICK.
That's the real difference.
[–]coastdweller69 0 points  
/u/DammitDan claimed arrogance by posting: I still don't understand how he is a scumbag! What the fuck did he do wrong? And how is he a puppy killer? Are you still assuming he wasn't feeding him or something?
I get it, you don't. That's the difference.
This is what puppy killers do, they think they're livestock, contain them (Very badly) in the bottom compartment of a double decker pig hauler in 80 degree heat for over an hour and then ask for help finding their puppy when obviously someone who cared more about the puppy saved the puppy.
Hobby farmers don't see a difference from hobby livestock farming and a puppy in a livestock trailer. If you need any more information about why the OP is a douche you're intending to be ignorant.
[–]coastdweller69 -1 points  
an theory
I've got an theory? I'm going entirely by what you posted, what you wrote and you're saying I have "an theory"?
You're fucking nervous because you're a fucking douchebag. Attempt to dox? I'm holding back.
HappyPaws knows about ya and you don't want to meet me to for me to clarify how badly you're handling your canine. It's not a pig, and doesn't belong in a livestock trailer ill cared for.
[–]DammitDan 2 points  
What don't I get? If you get it, why can't you articulate it into a complete thought?
[–]coastdweller69 -1 points  
Articulated obvious shit: It is not ok to keep a puppy in a unlocked compartment of a double decker pig hauler in 80 degree plus heat for over an hour without supervision.
You don't seem to be able to read an articulated concept let alone understand any sort of common sense.
[–]Valensiakol [score hidden]  
I get it, you don't. That's the difference.
God damn, you're a dense one. That isn't how reality works.
[–]coastdweller69 0 points  
The puppy isn't livestock and doesn't belong in a stock trailer.
Post the specs of your trailer cowboy.
[–]coastdweller69 1 point  
There is a difference between idiotic ranting and doing something about it.
The video has been submitted to the local agencies that provide support for careless owners of pets and livestock.
[–]Valensiakol 3 points  
Repeatedly posting PUPPY KILLING Scumbag Dipshit Moron Fuckhead Dilhole Micropenis Asshole in this thread and reuploading OP's video with the same thing in the title and description fits the bill of idiotic ranting, especially when you're making just as speculative and baseless statements as you just accused another person of doing.
As well, this video is not enough evidence of anything to affect OP so good luck with your pointless report, keyboard warrior.
I'm all for taking proper care of animals but Christ, grow the fuck up. People like you give a bad name to people but who care who aren't also overreacting fools.
[–]coastdweller69 -1 points  
PUPPY KILLING Scumbag Dipshit Moron Fuckhead Dilhole Micropenis Asshole
Thanks for repeating that, helps the OP
If you don't like a message repeated (Which is the only way nimrods will hear a message) then put me on ignore.
Got it, you're sensitive to repeating, swearing, troubles in your youth it's ok. Substituting your parenting skills with my behaviour isn't going to change that the OP doesn't know how to care for his pets.
[–]Valensiakol 3 points  
What the hell are you on about? It has nothing to do with being sensitive to swearing. I swear all the fucking time. I'm pointing out that you sound like an autistic imbecile when you keep repeating something a ten year old wannabe edgelord on 4chan might think sounds good.
I mean, you didn't even attempt a rational educational post at first, you just jumped right into the retarded shit some batshit crazy loon would start screaming at the kid on the other side of the McDonalds counter for putting too much ketchup on your quarter-pounder.
And what's this about substituting parenting skills with your behavior? What the fuck does that even mean? I don't even have kids, you dumb twat. And if you think your irrational, emotionally-unhinged ranting is going to change how OP cares for his pets, you're just as insane as you come across.
[–]coastdweller69 [score hidden]  
You only understand what you type lol.
[–]DammitDan 2 points  
For having an animal a trailer that is specifically designed for animals on a mild day? What do you expect the authorities to do with that report besides laugh at it and toss it in the trash?
[–]DammitDan 1 point  
Hopefully they just make sure the puppy is ok and check the collar to contact you.
[You'll find the original post/thread here](


Josiah Young said...

Not a lot of help, but sure as the world a lot of hand wringing and anger on those threads.

Some people just don't really understand animals, especially working animals. I get in trouble with my co-workers pretty frequently for bringing my dogs to work and leaving them in my SUV for a few hours before I leave to go hunting with them (50-75 degrees usually, occasionally colder, but I don't risk the heat in a car) . Are these people planning on rounding up all the wolves and coyotes and rescuing them from the hot or cold out of doors?

Bottom line, my dogs get a life that most suburban mutts can only dream of, much like your pup would have had. It's a shame that the average American pet owner doesn't understand that.

Bruce King said...

I agree with you Josiah. Farm dogs lead the dogs life you see on the pet food commercials. It's the life that most folks think about when they buy a pup. But for most dogs, particularly urban dogs, they're inside most of their lives, and a once-a-week walk is a big treat for them.

The next day I did put a probe thermometer on the lower floor where the pup was. Outside temp was 75 degrees, inside the stock trailer it was 72, and the trailer had been in the sun all day.

I asked one guy if his theory would be different if we were talking about pigs or cattle or sheep or whatever in the trailer, and his reply was "dogs aren't livestock and shouldn't be in stock trailers".

I did have a pet carrier with me, but figured it would be too hot in the plastic pet crate, and that the pup would be more comfortable in the big trailer.

Anonymous said...

The majority of people are getting farther and farther away from reality. I guess real reality. Most of us are learning a lot about virtual reality. Should that be an oxymoron?
Will you let us know the story if you get your puppy back? Sorry for your troubles.

The Cupcake Chronicles said...

Crazyness! Have you heard anything about your pup, Bruce?

Bruce King said...

So since I posted this the internet has pretty much concluded that the 2nd-to-last digit of the license plate is a "3". I'm hoping that the internet is smarter than I am, but even just the "3" makes it easier to positively identify the truck if I run across it in the parking lot.

With the tool box and standard cab and distinctive trailer I'm sure I'll be able to ID it if it's there next saturday, and some folks go to the auction every one.

No word from the police department yet, and no response to my craigslist ads. I've been watching craigslist to see if the pup goes up for sale.

Best guess is that someone is very happy with their new puppy - but there's always hope for getting it back. I'll keep working on it.