Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Holiday traditions, food, family (video)

At this time of year I host a variety of different groups of people for what is becoming an annual tradition for them.
 History shows us that the slaughter of an animal and the consumption of the meat was a celebratory event; neighbors and friends and family would gather together to make the work easier and pass the time joking and laughing as they all worked to prepare the main ingredient to the feast.

Removing hair from a pig with a propane torch from bruce king on Vimeo.

For many, a pig is the primary holiday celebration animal; from small pigs roasted whole to large pigs that are parceled out and prepared in many different ways.    I see a lot of immigrant families at my farm - the slaughter is the time when the parents talk about how it was in the old country, and how they remember doing this with their parents and grandparents; it's a time to share skills and experiences with the next generation, to connect again with their past.

The pictures and video are from a group of russians who come every year to process their own pig; and I'm happy to host them.  As they roast the pig with the propane torch they'll cut off bits of fat from it and sprinkle it with salt and eat it as a slaughter-time treat.  Bits of crispy ear, a little wine, good friends.

This year I've hosted Samoan, Marshall islanders, Russians from various parts of eastern Europe, Ukrainians, Chinese, Ukrainians and Koreans.  It's been interesting sharing their cultural history.  Makes my day, actually.

Happy holidays to you and yours; enjoy the season!