Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Final natures harmony update?

Tim Young is now advertising his status as "former founder" of natures harmony farm.   He's apparently been trying to sell his farm for quite a while now, lowering the price periodically, and its still listed for sale. 

   UPDATE:  The cheese business was apparently sold in April of this year, according to "cheese@naturesharmonyfarm.com"

listed for $785k now.  Still apparently unsold.  
He's now a survivalist expert - in between the advertisements for gold coins and body armor, you can hear him speak about... well, whatever it is he has to say.  

Good luck in your new venture, Tim.   It's my opinion that other things you've tried didn't work out -- lets hope that you have some success in this new venture. 


Mountain Walker said...

Yup- pretty frustrated with him. It's easy being a "survivalist": you don't really have to "prove" anything, not like farming or even gardening. There is no measurement for success. A few hours of online research on food storage or water purification or how to build a fire from steel wool can turn anyone into an expert. I read one of his books and it was just a compilation of information that was readily available for free on the internet: nothing new or innovative. It is easier to make money selling fear than selling animals.

Bruce King said...

He started well, but I think that his strength isn't in follow-through.

The survivalist books for kids was a nice touch, I think. If there's any audience that is unlikely to criticize it's kids.

Bill Gauch said...

Yikes. To me, it sounds like he is either full-scale outright scamming or, more likely, is having some sort of psychotic break. When you descend from full-time, 6 figure salary to hiding in your basement with your pile of guns and stacks of silver, there has to be something wrong. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with a little mistrust of the Government, economy, and everything else we depend on daily. It's just the stark change that's the issue.

Bruce King said...

The complete switch from "I'm your neighborhood friendly farmer" to "you are depending on a failed system, and should be stockpiling food and weapons" does seem pretty extreme.

As with everything he starts now he's promoting it as the best-of-all-possible choices. I wonder how long this idea will last?

Unknown said...

Having worked for Tim, I've seen him go through one mid life crisis already, I can't imagine he's going through another, especially at his age... I was there when his first company crumbled, along with his first marriage (and the other marriage he took with it). He definitely doesn't have a good ability to follow through. His first company (and marriage) is testament to that.

Kudos on this blog, I find it rather hilarious.