Tuesday, September 15, 2015

It's pumpkin season again at the farm

Pumpkin eatin' pig
We get 2,000lb totes of pureed pumpkin at this time of year.  Each of these totes makes about 12,000 pumpkin pies, and it seems like every year something goes wrong; one year a forklift driver drove their forks through the sides of one, and spilled pumpkin all over the whole stack.  So we got the whole stack.

With this one the truck driver delivering it didn't keep it at the right temperature and it got rejected by the bakery, so we got the call, and the boar in the picture above had a great time plunging his face into the pumpkin puree.

Happy thanksgiving, pigs!


Jeremy said...

Out of curiosity, how did you get the arrangements in place to receive this sort of stuff? I'm raising pigs up north of Spokane and would love to offset some of my feed costs with this kind of waste...

Bruce King said...

Anytime there's food handled or produced there's always a chance some of it gets wasted. So I'd check with grain silos, cold storage facilities, apple/fruit processors canneries, or any other sort of food handling company and see what they have. You cannot legally feed any food that is post-consumer, or that contains meat, without cooking it first in washington state; but any sort of fruits or vegetables are fine. Dairy, cheese, that sort of stuff too. Bread.

We get this stuff from cold storage facilities in and around the port of seattle; the food gets shipped in and out via the port, and they always mess some of it up every year, so we get a fair bit for the cost of hauling. And the pigs like the variety.