Friday, July 10, 2015

I guess its my turn for a drought

Happy with this field.  Pretty much weed-free

Happy with this field too.  
So earlier this year I looked at the long-term forecast and it called for warmer and drier than normal conditions.  I took that forecast to heart and in my 2015 crop plan decided that I'd plant some grain-corn, calculating that I'd get enough heat to dry the corn so that I could harvest it as grain.  

Well, the long term forecasts were accurate.  This is the warmest June and July that I can remember; we've had the longest string of over-80 days in... well, forever I think.  At least as long as records have been kept.  And the corn is loving it.  

My worst weed field - after cultivating, even.  I'll never get the weeds in the rows

My current (not very good) weed solution
So while I'm happy with the weather, I'm starting to get worried about the lack of rain.  We haven't had measurable rain in more than a month; which really hasn't slowed the corn down much, but I can't imagine that it won't soon.  It's only planted 9" between the plants in the row, and that's too close, apparently, for drought conditions.  

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Rich said...

I've always thought that I'd use something like a roller-crimper in combination with cover cropping to control weeds if I ever switched to an organic system. I've never tried it on more than a garden-sized test plot, but my gut tells me that it would work on a larger scale after a little experimenting with equipment. Of course if I had my choice I'd also rather pull a drill full of rye seed around a field if I could avoid a bunch of plowing, discing, and cultivating.

The best explanation of the whole idea can be found at:

There's also a video showing the entire process with different farmers and equipment (although some herbicide is being used after rolling the rye) at: