Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Planted and fallow ground results

 We're in the intensive grass growing season here and I spent part of the day today out in the fields looking at the grass and alfalfa and fallow areas of the farm.  this is the mostly-orchard grass area.  It looks like the grass has pretty much crowded out all of the weeds; it's a little under knee-high on me right now, maybe 13-15" tall.  .

 Next to that is the grass-alfalfa mix field.  the alfalfa looks like it's a little overwhelmed, but it actually grows faster than the grass, and taller.  So this looks good as well.

This is an interesting area.  to the left is the fallow area.  I did till it, but planted no seeds there.  What came in, and in huge quantity, is white clover.  It's got a fair number of weeds, dandelions and cowslip and some plaintain, but most of the area is clover.  it looks like I planted it.
 the line between planted and fallow is pretty sharp, and you can see a dramatic difference in what is growing there.

The cows are choosing to graze on the alfalfa-grass mix sections of the field more than the pure-alfalfa.  the most popular field is the 30% alfalfa, 70% orchard grass.  since that's what they are telling me they prefer to eat, I'll be planting that mix in the corn area from last year.

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