Tuesday, March 3, 2015

update on natures harmony

I've written about natures harmony a few times over the years; Tim Young has put his farm back on the market, this time listing it for $800k.

that's down substantially from his initial asking price of 1.5 million, but it's still not what I'd say is market price in his area.  

He built a 5,000 square foot brand-new house, which for a farming venture is overbuilt; the median house sale price in the area is $50k.  He does have 126 acres, which is probably worth... well, judging by land sales in the nearby area, around $300k.  

Tim has for years touted his farm as sustainable and claimed a free cash flow of $10k a month; he's written how great farming is... but he's been remarkably quiet about trying to sell the farm.   My best estimate is that he's spent about a million bucks on the farm and various ventures over the past 5 years.

   It's a little bothersome that he just finished a kickstarter campaign and immediately goes to sell the farm.  I'd like to think that when I kickstarter something that they're going to make a good effort to using the new facilities for the forseeable future.

The "gourmet cheese shop" is apparently closed, after having been open for what looks to be 3 or 4 weeks.  

Here's my little boost to finding him a buyer and moving him on to his next venture.  Best wishes to you, Tim.  

You can see one of the listings here
You'll find another listing here

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