Tuesday, April 22, 2014

hiving a package of bees - video

This is the time of year to start your beehives.  Here's a series of short videos (about a minute each) showing how I put the package of bees into the hive for the first time.


John C. said...

Hey Bruce, how often do you get stung not wearing gloves handling your bees?

Bruce King said...

Not very often; I did get stung later in the day; i accidentally crushed a bee picking up a deep super - it was between my hand and the box and I didn't notice it, but generally speaking I don't get stung. I do wear a bee hat and veil as the bees around my face are distracting, and i hate getting stung on the face or ears, but the hands don't seem to be much of a target.

When I do get stung there's a scent that the stinging bee leaves that will cause others to sting there, too. So I'll stop, go wash my hands (or whatever part was stung) with soap and water to remove the scent, and then go back to work.