Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Changes in the weather

rain approaching
 It's starting to feel more like winter now; in the 30s at night, highs in the 40s or low 50s.  I'm still getting used to seeing the weather come in.  The valley I live in focuses the clouds; you'll see the rain showers come in.  I don't have anything that I need the rain for right now; the pastures I planted have plenty of moisture; at this point watching the rain is mostly just a note. 

Sometimes i'll dress differently; if I plan on being out all day, a full, formal set of raingear makes it completely comfortable.  good clothes, good boots, good hat...  makes sitting in the rain tolerable.  raingear also means that i don't have muck on me when i go back to the house... i just hose off the gear and I'm good to go. 

One thing that is on my list to do with this house is to build a full-on mud room.  outside door, washable floor, laundry sink, shower, washer and dryer.  For those days when you get covered in dirt and might as well just get it all over with before you go into the house.  heck, I'm tempted to tile the floor and a little up the walls so that you can just hose the whole thing down when you're done. 

rainbow signaling the end of the rain
today it was patchy showers; the rain gauge shows 2.5" have fallen in the last 2 days, with more expected. 

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