Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My pigs around the web

A very popular image
Pictures off of my blog show up in all sorts of places to illustrate peoples point about something they're writing about.  If you're going to use a picture, asking permission of the copyright owner is appropriate, and most people ask that you put a link back to the origin with a photo credit.  Something like "photo courtesy of" with a clickable link is fine. 

Here's the roundup for this picture:

"the incubator", who has a stated mission of "hatching conversations about science, uses my picture in an essay on dry pork chops and parasites.  Link to the article here.  No credit. 

My pigs are used in political discourse, as well.  Link here. 

The kosher ominvores quest uses my pig picture.  Of all the places I'd have expected to see my pigs show up, it's not on a kosher web site.  Link here.

Snowball the pig...  well, I'm not sure what this is.  but here's the link

More political use of the picture, related to the boston bombing suspect.  Link here.

Happiness and capitalism "if only I had THAT, I'd be happy", link here.

ninjamomblog GAVE ME A PHOTO CREDIT!  Thank you!  link here

Someone in Korea has collected a lot of pig pictures.  Link here

 Something related to garbage, also korean.  Link here


Gabrielle said...

I am an editor for the Incubator. The author for that piece originally credited your website for that image at the bottom of the article. I have since added a link to your website directly below the image as well. We apologize for not contacting you directly before using the image and thank you for allowing us to use it in our piece.

Unknown said...

How do you feel about Pinterest (which, when used properly, links the picture right back to your blog and post)?

I have a pinterest 'farm page' (to facilitate my homesteading dream), and I love finding great pig pictures. And you have lots of great pictures!