Thursday, June 6, 2013

Several things coming up...

Selecting and purchasing a milking machine.  why this one, why a machine at all, milking two cows with one machine and some notes on usage.  The cows are due next month. 
 Tearing down and moving and then setting up the greenhouses from the south farm to the north one;
Sourdough from scratch in a bread machine, with live sourdough starter.  I've never made sourdough, and it's been interesting to work through it.  


SmithGang said...

Watch out , I burnt my bread machine find up with my sourdough starter:( have 2 starters going actually a potato starter from 1983 and wild yeast flour starter. make 5 loaves a week , a chocolate cake n doughnuts, yummy. your going to love yours, its fascinating to work with. congrats on baby calf. cuteness:)

Cathy said...

The sourdough waffles are a family favorite here.