Friday, May 10, 2013

Farm pics

 The sheep are pretty efficient lawnmowers.  This was previously mowed with a riding mower, but I'm happy to have the sheep take care of it for me.  There's probably an acre of grass.  I'm going to think about ways to make this easier -- while the electronet fencing does work, it can kill the sheep, too.  

 Todays blackberry bingo was an entire farm cart of aluminum irrigation pipe.  This stuff is actually pretty valueable as just metal -- aluminum is over $2/lb, and there's probably a ton of it here.   Some of it has been damaged over the years, but most of it is in pretty useable shape.  I'll have to sort through it to see what I can salvage. 
 The tires on the pipe trailer have long since departed.  I wonder how long this cart has been sitting out here?  Rubber takes a long time to rot. 
 I finally found the corner marker for the east corner of the property.  I much prefer to have land surveyed when I buy it, particularly acreage, because you can then set fences correctly and understand exactly what you have to work with.  It took me two days to find this marker; the surveyors must have balanced on a log to drive in the rebar.  The actual corner is on the right.  The wood stake is just a flag to make it easier to see. 
 There's an old railroad right-of-way along the south side of this property.  It makes an interesting overgrown  tunnel sort of thing.  There are thousands of yards of crushed rock in the railroad bed just in the section next to my farm.  The county has purchased the right-of-way, and there are plans to make it into a trail at some point
 Some parts aren't overgrown, and when it is mowed it will make a great trail. 
 You can see the farm buildings in the distance.  It's 4/5ths of a mile from the easternmost point to the house.  takes 20 minutes at a brisk walk to get back to the house. 
Planted the sweet corn today.  This area pictured, with the lines, is 1.7 acres as measured by the planter.  I'm still getting used to the scale of this farm. 

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