Sunday, January 13, 2013

I was on the TV news

I did an interview with the local newspaper, and on the day that the story ran two local tv stations sent their news crews down to interview me. 
 It was a bit odd, actually.  i thought that someone might be interested, but understood the story to be running the day after this.  So imagine my surprise to find two news crews in my farm driveway waiting for me.
 There is an odd sensation when they come at you with cameras.  "Mr King!  Are you Mr. King", and I have to admit that before I figured out what was going on I had an instinctual "what on earth have I done!?!" moment.
 The pigs were pretty interested at all this activity on the fenceline.  Fenceline activity is usually going to end up in food for pigs, so the pigs were there and ready for any food that might come their way.  That's piglet on the right in the photo above.  She's my favorite pig.
 The reporters pretty much stayed on the topic, and didn't even comment on the pile of produce that we were feeding the pigs (you'll see it in the lower right in the photo above.  Romaine lettuce was on the pigs menu).
 Both crews fitted me out with a microphone.  I wondered how I'd look on TV.  No makeup for me.
 Here's another view.  they were interviewing me right where we unload produce just before feeding it to the pigs.
And after my interview, one station did a live broadcast from my farm.  "From ebey island, this is..."

My 37 seconds of fame.


EverStuff Shrimp said...

How neat is that? I would have had the panic of oh gosh, what did I do, as well. lol

Joanne said...

I love the picture of the pigs at the fence line. Always gotta have the peanut gallery.