Monday, October 8, 2012

dirtwork, part 2: The lime

 The soil tests reported that I needed to add lime to my soil to bring the PH of the soil into a range that would be best for growing grass.  The rate of application was 6 tons per acre.  I found a local company that sells aglime for a low price -- $60 or so a ton, in 50lb bags - but I wondered if there wasn't a way I could get it cheaper, and I asked if they had bulk delivery? 
 What they usually do is blow this stuff out of the truck, which means you really have to have an enclosed area to blow it into, or you'll lose half of it in the form of dust.  I don't have an enclosed area, but I asked if they could just dump it.  And sure enough, they could. 
This was dumped by gravity.  Just open the valve at the bottom of the truck and this stuff flows out.  move the truck forward a few feet, and more comes out.  Eventually it's all there.  We scooped it up with the front loader of the tractor and applied it to the field.  Took about 4 hours to get it all out there, and afterward it looked like it had snowed.  Price of bulk delivery was $30/ton, plus $200 for the truck, so about $800, all said and done. 

Once applied, this amendment will be good for 4-5 years.  After that, if I want to keep the PH at the same level, a top-dressing would do.  We spread this on the surface and then disc'd it into the soil. 


Eightway said...

What is the aglime company? I'm paying almost 2x that for 50lb bags in ton quantities from JA Jack in seattle.

Bruce King said...

Same company but delivered in bulk it's about half the price of bagged.

Anonymous said...

13ummm, which aglime co did you say that was? I re read the article 3 times and cannot find it. . . . Thank you!