Thursday, June 21, 2012

Custom tractor work

One of my neighbors called me and asked me to do some mowing for him, so I had an excuse to go to pacific industrial supply in Seattle.    It's actually one of my favorite places to go and look at industrial equipment. 

They do a lot of work for the fishing fleet that is based in Seattle; so there's always a pretty interesting selection of chains and cables and stuff that goes with it. 
 They have both new stuff, like in the picture above, or used stuff, like in the picture below.  There's times when I don't know exactly what will solve the problem i'm working on, so I'll spend some time staring at a bin of random bits and something will leap out at me. 
 Some of the clevis are really huge, like that one to the right of my foot. 
 Bins and bins of this stuff.  What i'm working on is to stabilize the three-point lift arms on the back of my tractor.  The factory-supplied chains and turnbuckles broke, and I'm just tired of having to pay gold-plated prices to fix it and wait 2-3 weeks.  So I'm going to replace it with locally sourced parts so that when it breaks again I can just fix it with stuff on hand. 
 They want $3500 for this JD gator.  Don't know if that's a good price.  When it's used stuff there's usually some dickering before you get to the real price.  It's rare that I've paid the asking price for stuff like this. 
 This is, apparently, plastic-coated chain.  Some sort of elevator use.  Couple of hundred feet of it.  Guess if I need it, I know where to go!

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