Friday, March 23, 2012

Today on the farm...

 Got to the farm a little early today and both of the adult eagles were perched in a tree across the road from my front gate. 
 They're becoming a regular site.  Too regular.  Much too regular. 
 The trough and feeding area turned out pretty well.   I'll install the feeder gate and trough and automatic waterer tomorrow. 
 It sure does look good when its done, but it sure is a lot of work to get there. 
 after a week of prep early on the day we'll be pouring we double check the forms to make sure that they're graded appropriately.  I want water to drain off the slab, so 2" drop on an 10' run is what we've done. 
 The concrete truck has a tight fit between the fence and the forms and in fact hits one of the forms.  A little rework and we're good to go.  The chute allowed us to put the concrete up to 15' from the back of the truck, which meant we didn't need to rent a line pump for this job. 
 The work was done in stages, with the "finished" line moving slowly up the driveway. 
 Out of the truck, into the hole, screed (that board in the picture above) for level, and
Then bull floated to smooth it down. 

Expansion joints cut every 8 feet, and then a broom over the surface to give it some traction, and it's done.  Later today it'll be hard enough for people to walk on, about a week from now it'll be equipment-ready. 

20 man-hours of work on the pour day.  We'll all sleep well tonight.

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Mike said...

Looks really good. You guys are getting good at that.