Monday, October 24, 2011

Fine tuning the pasture

Rain is the final test of how flat i got the pasture; and it's pretty darned flat.  A few puddles here or there, none deeper than 2".  So I spent part of today connecting the dots to make sure that the water drained. 

To do this I've got a middle buster plow that's designed to go down a row of potatoes and turn them over for harvesting - but it works well for temporary ditches.    I only have to go down an inch or two, but it's no trouble to do a deeper trench. 
We seeded the majority of it by hand today; took 3 people about 90 minutes to spread 350lb of grass seed.  I'll go over it with a roller to tamp the grass seed down, and then that's it until next spring. 
Whew.  Glad to get that done and over with. 

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