Friday, October 1, 2010

The dog doesn't even like green peppers

 This is my dog, Monster.  He doesn't like green peppers.  But if a pig is going to eat it, he considers it his job to make sure that he makes a valiant effort to eat it himself.  When we get these massive shipments of fruits and vegetables, he's in a quandry.  While he's saving this green pepper for himself, thousands of other vegetables are being consumed. 
 Being the dedicated dog, he takes a good bite of it, and then decides he doesn't like it. 

But when pigs show an interest in this green pepper he carries it off.  Dogs are clearly zero-sum thinkers.  If a pig eats it I have lost it, so I must save it, even if I really don't like it. 


Mike said...

My airedale loves produce. Carrots, tomatoes, peppers. She'll eat it all

Anonymous said...

Your dog thinks like a pig.