Sunday, August 22, 2010

piglets in the sun

During the hot weather the last few days the piglets spent some time out sunbathing. This little guy was sleeping soundly on a pile of wood chips. 
Some of these guys decided it was too hot, so they're in the shade, but some like it hot.  or maybe they've been sleeping so long that the sun moved.  I've done that.
They're pretty democratic about who they nap with.  Any other piglet, regardless of size will do. 
I love the color variations in the herd.  Here their hampshire heritage shows through pretty strongly. 
I think that this color scheme is pretty fun.  These guys are meaty little bullets.  this pair is a royal terror to the goat. 
The black-and-white version is pretty striking, too.  Kind of reverse tuxedos. 


Across The Creek Farm said...

you should select for some type of mullet gene into your herd. You know business up front, party in the back etc.

Ruth said...

omg. love them. reminds me of the piglet we brought into the house (the runt) when I was a kid...he grew up. we ate him.

damae said...

"meaty little bullets" lol
and some oreo cookies, with extra stuffing!!

Anonymous said...

Yum, bacon. My favorite food group.