Saturday, February 25, 2017

Eagle kill

I was out working in the barns when I heard a ruckus going on.  It sounded like the ravens, and they sounded pretty mad.  I walked out of the barn and started towards the fuss, and I couldn't see what they were diving on, but it was something.  

The last time that the ravens got this upset it was a bobcat that was traversing my property.  I could see that this time it was an immature bald eagle or a golden eagle - not sure which.  both of them are kind of brown from a distance.  the bald eagles don't turn black with a white head until maturity.  

 When I got close enough to see I could definitely see that it was a golden eagle.   I've never seen one around here, and it's a pretty impressive bird.  And it had caught a pretty impressive lunch!  I made the identification because of the leg feathers.  Bald eagles have different leg feathers even when immature.

 The eagle spooked before I got close, and so I walked over to take a look at its kill.  A young canadian goose, maybe 12 or 13lbs.  Probably less than a year old.  Considered taking it back to the house because goose is just delicious, but decided that I'd let the eagle claim its prize - if the ravens allowed that!
 Bird was warm and limp.  The kill appeared to be through the back of the bird.  No marks on its head; all of the talon wounds were in the middle of its back between the wings.
 In the picture below you can see the eagle watching me to see what I'll do.  When I retreated the eagle came back and resumed its lunch.  the eagle is on the tallest tree, on the second big branch down from the top.  Looks like a little black dot.  Maybe 500 yards from where the kill is - far enough to be safe from any danger, but close enough that the eagle eye can keep a good watch on me.

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Mountain Walker said...

We have eagles all around us this time of year. Makes me a bit nervous for our kitties, hens and baby pigs.