Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ok. Let me say I meant to bale yesterday

 Hay is all raked.  Dry, ready to go.  But the baler is giving me issues today.  Spent a couple of hours looking at the manual ("Pictures show are a prototype.  Your own unit may vary from this prototype".  Argh!) trying to figure out whats causing the baler not to deploy the bale twine.

 And the windrows wait.  And I have perfect weather.  And the hay is dry.   Hate you, baler.  Truely hate you today.  Want to be stacking bales now.  Want to  be baling.   The loose-leaf manual I printed out gets caught by the wind and flys all over the pasture.  Hate you baler.  Hate you manual.  Finally give up for the day.  Really annoying.  Tell the hay help to go home.   Call the dealer for the baler.  Guy will get here tommorow sometime.  Check the weather.  Weather ok.  Have 3 more days of sun after tomorrow forecast.

Walk down to the river.  Look at the water.  Air temp at 85 degrees.  Been standing in the hayfield all day.  Take a handful of water.  Lovely.  cool.

Ok.  Not so bad a day now.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hay looks beautiful. baling today.

First you cut it
Then you ted it
Then moisture test
Looks like we're a go for baling today.  I'll wait until the morning dew dries up, and then raking and baling.  Looking forward to having it in the barn.

Ok, you shouldn't do this.

Don't drive your farm truck out over the newly-dried hay to service the tractor.
 The hay was wrapped so tightly around the driveshaft that it stalled the truck out.

90lbs of hay painstakenly removed from the bottom of the truck.  With a pocket knife.  On my back.