Monday, July 31, 2017

The big barn project - update

 Putting up wall panels on north wall.  Man door is already in
 One panel at a time - 3 man crew makes this a little easier.  One guy in the lift, two guys on the ground. 
 Decided to pour a concrete wall along the base of the wall to match the original wall.  Makes it harder to drive through the wall with equipment, and makes it possible to scrape the barn with a tractor a little more safely. 

 put a 10x10 door in the north wall for general purposes, and bollards around the entrance to keep everyone in line :)
We finished  this section the next day.  The south wall is a little more complicated - it has a 16' tall x 24 foot wide barn door in it, to allow me to drive my combine or other large machinery or trucks into the barn (think semi-trucks).  Working on that this week.


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