Monday, June 6, 2016

Busy, busy busy

 So the flu ran its course; roughly 3 weeks of feeling terrible, then a whole bunch of non-farm stuff like federal tax return prep and some other business stuff, and some county-government stuff, and then some farm work.

I've been cutting and raking and tedding 60 acres of orchard grass/alfalfa hay, and will be bailing it tommorow (6-7-2016).  Scheduled in a crew to help me put it in the barn.  No idea on bale count; somewhere around 2,000 bales - the forage has been growing great, the hard part has been finding the right weather window to put it all away.

Seed corn got delayed in delivery, so I'm 3 weeks behind where I'd like to be, but I think it'll be fine.  I'm planting seed corn from (albert lee seed company) and picking a shorter season variety to give it the best chance to dry down.  I'm planting 10 acres more corn this year than last, which people in iowa will laugh at - "what, 10 acres?  we plant that on our morning coffee break!" - but for me it's a 25% jump in production and I'll use that corn to feed the hogs this winter.   I'm pretty much fully equipped to handle the corn - disc, planter, seeder, combine, grain dryer, storage bin.  the only thing that I can think that I need is a long auger to load the storage bin, so I'm looking around for one of those.

I purchased a laser land leveler implement, and my intention is to use it to level areas of my fields as I till them so that I can flood irrigate out of the manure lagoon.  I'll write it up and do some videos after I get the hay in the barn.

Had some baler issues today or I'd be baling today.  Since I couldn't bale I planted the corn.

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