Monday, April 12, 2010

Piglets for FFA or 4H

I'm selling piglets to the local 4H and FFA kids this time of year. This entry is a bunch of pictures of the litters I have available so that the folks interested in them can see the variety and sizes.   I have 28 piglets, ranging in age from 1 week to 10 weeks.  The 10 week olds are not shown in these pictures; they're about 40lbs. 

I think that Future Farmers of America or 4H are great programs to teach kids the basic skills they'll need for the rest of their life. Following a program and direction, sticking to a goal and a project, and getting closer to their food. So I try as much as I can to support them in their projects.


Lee said...

That's going to be one fizzy can of soda when you finally open it. :)

Dean Smith said...

I have fond memories of raising hogs in 4H. The very first year, i won champion cross-bred at the Jasper County Fair in Indiana. My 4H leader saw my barrow 2 weeks before the fair and pronounced him 'Perfect!' I took him off of corn and fed him 100 percent oats until I got him to the fair. He was one mad pig but he won.

There was always a 'showmanship' contest. That was more of a contest of the kid than the pig. Most kids took little white gilts in for showmanship. One year one kid took in his 'tame' black boar. What chaos! Mothers grabbed their kids and covered their eyes! It took 8 men to get that boar out of the ring.

Bruce King said...

That's a great story Dean.